Do Yoga at Your Work Desk

Don’t let being at work stop you from doing some yoga during the day.

Even a few minutes of office yoga gives you to a break from your day and release of tension in your body. For those with a desk job working at a computer, studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time shortens your neck and shoulder muscles, creating tension and poor posture. Yoga helps release some of that tension and bring blood flow to different parts of your body. If you’re someone that stands on your feet a lot through the day, like a bartender or nurse, or traveling on a plane or car for work, make sure to do these yoga routines to counteract pooling of your blood in your veins which can lead to swollen legs and ankles and varicose veins.

The website and Yoga Journal’s office yoga has some brief and useful video options, especially for those who have desk jobs where you are seated for several hours of the day.

Try some of these office yoga routines:

Yoga Journal’s Office Yoga 15 days series

Jaw and Neck release

Neck and Shoulder release

Eagle Arms videos:

Gentle neck releases (for those who remain seated and not recommended for those with neck issues)

Shoulder and upper body releases in Chair Yoga (requires strap or long towel)

Spine and shoulders (earlier part of routine requires standing if possible at work, but if not, minute 6 and after is seated, requires strap or long towel and a book or block)

Neck and Shoulder (requires strap or long towel)

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