Five Affirmations for Resilience

Have you ever wanted to get rid of frustrating or distracting negative thoughts that keep milling about in your mind?

A recent study in Brain and Behavior shows that silently repeating a single word to yourself quiets your mind.

You can choose  your affirmation based on how you’re feeling. Do you feel bored and want more energy and feelings of excitement? Or do you feel overwhelmed and all over the place and want to feel more focused?

Pick an affirmation with the type of intention that can help balance your mind, body, and spirit. Repeat it out loud or silently in your mind to shift your energy.

  1. I am full of energy and joy.
  2. I am brave and courageous and can keep persevering.
  3. I am confident, worthy, and true to myself.
  4. I am not my fears and can overcome.
  5. I am full of love for others and nourished by others’ love for me.

Read more about the science of affirmations in my HuffPost article.


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