Learn more about out my philosophy and what makes my practice different here.
I primarily work with clients weekly in order to provide effective therapy.

Individual Consultation & Therapies

  • Comprehensive initial individual consultation with treatment recommendations and plan to maximize wellness.
  • Review of evidence-based treatment options including combinations of psychotherapy, medications, scientifically researched natural supplements
  • Discussion of non-medication based therapies, including psychotherapy, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy for stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Counseling around nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle factors that strongly impact your wellness and overall health
  • Integration of mind-body stress reduction skills including meditation, yoga, and deep breathing techniques.
  • I can prescribe medication and also work to minimize medications based on your individual preferences.


  • Reduce stress and treat anxiety, including panic attacks, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety
  • Build coping skills and tools from mindfulness cognitive behavioral therapy to treat and prevent anxiety and depression
  • Improve self-esteem and reduce self-criticism, negative thinking, and perfectionism
  • Navigate difficult or stressful relationships, dating, or marriage issues
  • Develop career direction and work stress management. I help professionals and leaders in medicine, finance, business,  entrepreneurial or tech start-ups, acting, arts, and creative industries in high-stress, fast-paced work environments.
  • Prevent career burnout and overcome creative blocks

Our first visit is a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation during which we will identify  major problem areas and determine the right diagnosis and treatment plan options for the problem. We create a plan that is based on the most recent scientific evidence of what is the most effective approach. I will provide expert clinical guidance so that you can be fully educated about your options, including different types of therapies and medications.

We explore many options and tools to help you get “unstuck.” Most people come to therapy because they realize there is something holding them back, and they are ready for change. If you feel overwhelmed or stuck in negative patterns or cycles, we work to identify and address these barriers so that you can overcome them with resilience.

We work together to build a path of lasting change. Whether you want to feel better and more motivated, improve your self-esteem, navigate difficult relationships, or manage stress, I provide you tools from traditional models of therapy and offer newer therapies like mindfulness and positive psychology.


I provide consultations for corporate clients looking to implement mindfulness and resilience training programs for to reduce stress and enhance mindfulness and productivity in the workplace.


I am a certified yoga teacher and offer mindfulness workshops and consultations. I discuss the most recent medical research and scientific understanding of the health benefits of yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques.

The content on this website is for general information and educational purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional services. Visiting this website or contacting Dr. Wei by e-mail or phone does not constitute or establish a therapeutic or professional relationship.







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